Collection: Pull Along Wagon - The Perfect Outdoor Toy

Pull Along Wagon – Outdoor Toy for carrying toys and children

Pull along cart, trolley or wagon: Whatever you call it, it’s the perfect vehicle for trips with your children. On a family day out in the fresh air and suddenly your child gets tired and doesn’t feel like walking any more. Not a problem with a Toby Wagon. Just put them in and carry them along. Also it makes an ideal option for hauling all the essentials for any excursion such as food, toys and blankets. This makes it a very flexible buggy replacement.

Not limited to an outdoor toy, the wagon can also be used for shopping, gardening, sport clubs, schools and we even sell them for carrying dogs who, when they get older, might not be able to get out as much but still want to be part of the pack on a long walk. Whatever the purpose we should have you covered.


Our wagons

We have both the Classic version and the All Terrain which both have a carrying capacity of 100kgs plus therefore allowing you to carry most things needed for a day out. With a low centre of gravity and an anti-tipping steering device means that they can haul most essentials safely on a day out. This outdoor toy is great for just pottering around the garden. 



Ensure your wagon of choice is CE Certified to make sure they have been fully tested and approved for European standards. This testing includes that all materials are used are safe with children. An example of this would be lead free paint. It also tests the construction of the cart to ensure it is safe for children. You should have CE Certificiation on the box and if not maybe walk away because you don’t know what materials are used. Also all trolleys need tested and an EN071 certificate approved if is to be used for carrying children. We have had our wagons rigorously independently tested and both certificates have been awarded to us so you can relax safe in the knowledge you have a quality outdoor toy.


Trays and axles

Our wagons have a strong all steel construction with the tray and axles in toughened metal to ensure long life and that with care, they are built to last a lifetime and can be passed from generation to generation. We try to limit the plastic used in construction where possible to help ensure they are able to be re-cycled when finished their lifetime. This attention to quality materials is what sets us apart from the rest of the competition and helps the environment. All our metal components have been powder coated with lead free paint to ensure they are safe for your children.



Our All Terrain Wagon uses high grade industrial quality wheels. These have ball bearings in their construction to make them very easy to pull along even for smaller children. Also with our pneumatic tyres and their wide base you can rest assured that the cart will be able to easily traverse  surfaces like grass, sand, and almost every terrain you want to travel on.

Our Classic Wagon has the more traditional looking toughened plastic wheels. Although not a durable as the All Terrain wheels they will be suitable for most surfaces. These wheels are the more classic style and thus narrower so not as robust as the All Terrain. If you like the look of the retro style the Classic is for you however if you plan to go off road more often, we would advise the All Terrain version as most suitable.


Wooden sides

The All Terrain version also features wooden sides that can be attached to give extra depth to the tray. These are attached with nuts and bolts and can be removed if needed. This wood is fully treated however if you are to leave the wagon outside in the elements for long periods of time we advise painting the wood with either paint or varnish. Let your imagination run wild and choose colours that will create an individual look in an instant.



Our handles are again made of quality steel and should be just the right length for everyone. We must ensure that the length is suitable for adults but also to allow young children pull the cart along too. We believe we have the perfect length to allow for both uses. Also, the handle is constructed in such a way that if the wagon will be transported in a car often you can change it to allow for the handle to fit under the cart so saving space. We have a Youtube video explaining how to do that here. Our handles are attached to axles with a limited radius of turning. This is on purpose and is an essential anti-tipping requirement. If the axle can turn fully it can upset the balance and tip the cart over. Ours will not.


Nuts and bolts

We even take pride in the smaller components too. All our nuts and bolts are self locking. They will be a little tougher to tighten at the start but once that is completed, our design ensures they are locked tight and do not open unless required. This added level of quality products used ensure the construction stays locked and tight when is use.


Our company

We are a small family owned company that was created in 2009 to build a great wagon and we feel we have achieved that with our two models. All our products are based and shipped from Europe to ensure quick delivery and also local customer service. We pride ourselves on our level of after sale service and if you need anything we are contactable by phone or e-mail and we will do everything in our power to help with any requests. By only concentrating on pull along carts we feel we are offering the best metal cart in the market.