Rock Kids Balance Bike - REDUCED

  • €59.00

Balance Bikes are sometimes known a runner bikes, walker bikes, and probably best described as trainer bikes. Runner bikes were specially developed for young children to learn how to steer and keep their balance. Very common in Europe these have been used to teach young children balance, co-ordination and confidence. With no pedals and no stablisers the Rock Kids Balance Bike is powered by your toddler's feet on the ground. If your child can walk, it can ride a trainer bike! These bikes are an ideal first bike suitable from 18 months and when they are ready to go on a pedal bike they will not need stabilisers, as they have already learned to balance so to teach them how to pedal will only take about an hour.

  • Welded steel frame and fork
  • Easily adjustable handlebar and saddle
  • Adult supervision recommended.
  • Helmet and protection gear recommended.
  • Adjustable seat height
  • Suitable for Children aged 2-5yrs